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    Our Mothers Garden

    Welcome to Swaphandmedowns where everyday is Earth Day. Parent Articles and more.

    Can you save your mother earth

    Parent Resources,

    The Mother Garden: The spouts growing in your family is the Mother Garden.

    The Mother Garden: The spouts growing in your family is the Mother Garden.

    When did harmful slavery, evil drugs, crime, disrespect, pollution, border warfare, and garbage begin to kill off our race and mother gardens? Millions of men and women died for the life of you to provide kindness, equality, and freedom to all things that breath water and air.

    Your ancestors coming to the USA from far away ships history facts: The German's were held in slavery until they paid off their boarding fees to get here, the Irish were destined to die in the canals they dug - so our country could grow by the mules that pulled the goods along the canals. Women of the lower class were forced to sell their bodies for the trade of the dollar to feed their babies and parents.

    Africa's were enslaved to build our crops, millions of Italian's arrive here to build our cities, the Scottish protected our Allegheny Mountains and fought the wild west wars. And so on.

    Asia's brought the plants over here in their pockets to barter for food. Look in the garden and on the highways you will see millions of their plants. The English arrived here to be free from English rulers and died for the cause. The Native American's lost their land and were put into slavery on land that was not born to them. And the ships brought diseases that killed their tribes because they wanted to learn all the knowledge of survival that your ancestors were brought to this country.

    Why are we willing to kill off animals to extinction that are below our class and kill off our own breed? We are one step above the Elephant. They grieve for the dead as we do visiting Elephant graves and them to cry over the dead. Respecting the elder Elephants allowing them to lead them to freshwater and eatable food.

    Each and every one of our Ancestor's survived the plague and disease so you could be born to love every one of color and race, creed, breed, and watch over the Mother Garden. Look out your windows every day and see and respect all that survive out there and remember all our ancestors made that possible. You will see your Mother's Garden. Take care of it! It belongs to everyone and EVERYTHING.
    ©Copyright Jane Sadowy 08/10/2016

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    Letter From the Founder of Swaphandmedowns:
    In the USA we have about 31 million people living here. Did you know that 12 million of them go to bed hungry - Most of them children and in the state of New Jersey 29% of them are children. This is happening in your backyard too.

    I opt today to find a corner in my yard and plant a bean seed. I will wait till that seed becomes a crop and I will pass that crop onto my neighbor. I will ask my neighbor to do the same thing next year for his neighbor and so on and so on.

    Just water your plant and watch it grow.

    This site is designed to help parents and children with some help just like plants like water to survive. With a little support from others - Children are going to school dressed a little nicer and the parents are saving funds to pay their bills on time and making new friends.

    Plant a bean seed today and pass the crop onto your neighbor. Smile and think about your visit here today. Think about how important that one bean seed is and how it very well can help feed a child or a friend.

    Jane Sadowy

    Are we losing the American Dream or is it becoming harder to reach?

    I am hearing more these days about the 2003 American Dream becoming harder to reach. Some of these dreams are becoming nightmares.

    High paying positions are going down the tubes. Layoffs are forcing parents to apply job interview skills in meeting places. Such as local churches or libraries.

    Jobs parents have held for years are now lost. Many across the USA blame it on the terror attack of the New York Twin Towers.

    Job layoffs are on the rise for the last two years. More and more families are losing their homes. I am trying harder than ever to help my members here to make sure they have decent clothing for job interviews. Nothing is worse than applying for jobs for months and never getting a phone call back.

    Nothing is worse than not having clothing that is presentable because a parent needs to feed their children first or pay the rent on time.

    Now about

    Why this site is so important? Why it is important to help me provide these families with your free used fashions by sticking them in a box and mailing them directly to our families here at

    Please if you or anyone you know of has nice used fashions to donate come by and help these folks. Site Map


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