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SWAP--SWAP--N Shop-- Would you like to swap in your child's used clothing for the next size up. They need your child's clothing size or you need their child's clothing size. Example: Your child just outgrew size 4T and you trade that size in and contact other members that have traded in size 5T. And so on and so on...You contact that person by email. You can even chat about swapping those toys that are overflowing out of those toys boxes or other items. Also, our data allows you to drop off your used child clothing right here at our recycle bin without swapping. (We will see that a family needing them for their children contacts you by email and provides you with their mailing address to send your used children's clothing C.O.D.)
For Those Wishing to donate free used child apparel or swapping in for next size up - Have you ever dropped off your used child apparel at a recycle bin and wondered who receive them', if they really were helping a child in need of apparel' or are they being resold at a secondhand shop.' Well, this program is designed so that you know for sure you are helping families in need of children's dresses, shirts, pants or jeans. The family needing the child apparel contacts you directly and you send the clothing from your home to their home by C.O.D. You even have the chance to know a little about the family receiving your free child apparel and you can even share your parental advice with each other.
Our goal is to amend the sky rocketing prices at resale and consignment shops. We are looking forward to having the largest swap and used children's clothing drop off service by email database contact on the web. Thus, providing clothing to families in need of free children apparel. 
We Help You Connect.
Swapping parties will correspond by email to provide a shipping address to send the boxes. Exchanging parental issues by email is a great idea. We trust our members to help each other. Therefore, the discretion to swap between families is totally up to you. You do not hold responsible for anything.

Swap Swap Swap Till You Drop

A message from the founder:

Welcome Visitor,

KIDS OUT-GROW CLOTHING SO FAST. DO YOU HAVE USED CHILD CLOTHING THAT ARE STILL WEARABLE. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SWAP THEM AROUND WITH OTHER FAMILIES - Then why not recycle them here. Why not recycle it right back (the least expensive way possible) among each other. Example: Someone pays 5 dollars or higher for a pair of used 5T jeans at a second hand shop. (Just think about how cheap it is to ship or receive a c.o.d box and think about all that used wearable child clothing you can fit in that box.) PLEASE DON'T throw those clothes out! Make a child happier and swap them around with other families with kids. 

Clothes make children feel happy and proper apparel keep children warm. We just felt this was a good program to help families reach out and help each other. Some families are on tight budgets, some families need a change, some families have extra items they don't need, some families need more closet space and some families just don't have enough to go around. JUST A ONETIME CONNECTION AND YOU COULD FIND YOURSELVES SWAPPING FASHION TOGETHER FOR YEARS & YEARS. 

For whatever reason you have to join the program - we're sure the kids will enjoy it just as much as you will.

Best Regards,
Jane Sadowy


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