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Used Child Clothing - Donate & Recycle Items

Swap Used Child Clothing Online - Parent Education Resources

Welcome to Swaphandmedowns where everyday is Earth Day. Swap & Barter & Donate & Recycle at our forum. Parent Career Help, College Guides, Parent Articles and more.

Post and share, donate or request used child clothing at our family friendly message board below to get started today. Read our important parent articles such as ORP the Rooster.

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Take the time to use this site. We have been online for over 11 years and we are considered the pioneer of swapping and bartering online. We offer ways and means to save money from swapping fashions online to getting online cost saving deals. Moreover, we offer online college degree guides, cellular phone plans, children games, family friendly directory, web hosting, and parent tips. We like to thank the many people who have freely helped our global parents and children with community support, media exposure and used child clothing. Making the world a better place on the net. Taking the first steps years ago to recycle and help all.

Learn more about our cost saving service to help you swap around gently used fashions online, recycle your fashions today and/or receive online college degree & college scholarships financial aid help request further accredited college information today.

About our unique swap and barter child clothing: You ship them from your house to their house and the receiver agrees to pay the shipping fee. Donate, share and barter at We help you connect.

Facebook Flash - Jane Sadowy - / Every child deserves the right to live in a healthy and happy environment. Read more written by Jane Sadowy PDF Click Here

Do you have school age children - Do You have toddlers - Do you have teenagers - Do you have a pile of child apparel falling out of your kids closets or Cleaning' Kid's Rooms and Finding Old Clothes - what do you do with the used child clothing that don't fit. Why not trade clothes for some that will fit or give them away here. Are you on a tight budget - Do you believe recycling used child apparel, fashions, entertainment or recreation toys is good for our world - Would you be interested in trading in your gently used child clothing for the next size up. You ship them from your house to their house and the receiver agrees to pay the shipping fee. Donate, share and barter at Swaphandmedowns Forum below. We help you connect. Hope you all have fun with this program, meet some new friends, save funds, recycle your used children clothes, enjoy our online resources, discussion talks and swaps.

Network with other mothers and dads at our message board and share parental topics and child clothing.

Once is not enough - recycle your fashion with love. Swap Swap Swap Give Them Away and Drop Them Off Here or Trade Them In For The Next Size UP.

Join our Elite Membership to Swap Fashions from Brand Names to 'Like New Condition' Apparel. Register Today and Join The Fun at our new forum.

Our Motto for today: Clothes are not that important but happy children are. Decent clothing can help make a child happier :)


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