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Swap & Barter Free Used Child Clothing Online


Swap & Barter Free Used Child Clothing Online

Woman's Day Magazine month November 2005 see page 12 "Swap stuff online" Swaphandmedowns.com

About Woman's Day Magazine:

Featured review submitted By: Mary Phelan: First appearing in 1937, Woman's Day magazine continues to be a favorite women's magazine. For several years, "Woman's Day" has been the source for the latest news on fashion,health and beauty. Each issue is packed with delicious recipes and useful, unique tips for everyday living. "Woman's Day" is a comprehensive magazine for women of all ages. 

Some are calling it the 21st centry trading post. NBC and National News Channels/Sept. 2003

Interview Clips Shown on Nation T.V. of Jane's Sadowy Interview and Linda Garvey's Interview

The NBC news clips of the 3 hour interview of Jane Sadowy telling the story about the program she designed www.swaphandmedowns.com and the interview of her long time member Linda Garvey and her children wearing the gently used fashion received from the site has been showing on news channel across the nation.

Swaphandmedowns.com Featured Friday, November 7 - Eyewitness News -ABC13 

NBC 6 air 10/6/03/Living Cheaper - Barter Anyone? Find Article by clicking on left banner recent story and go to current headlines or Archive stories and click on 'Barter Anyone' for Latest Swaphandmedowns Healines.

Online Bartering Offers Shoppers New Options

Swaphandmedowns Headliner News at Detroit Now ABC

Swaphandmedowns News Briefs at wbz4 Boston News/On-line bartering 
Oct 27, 2003

Swaphandmedowns.com Is Pressing More Than Fashions by Making Headlines July 6, 2003 Media Request Swaphandmedowns.COM is available to the media.
PrWeb Press Release: Global Swap Exchange of Marvellous "Gently Worn" fashions - All in Tip-Top shape shared by our Swap-hand-me-downs members

Swaphandmedowns.com is doing more than pressing clothing into closets of families in need of free fashions.

The month of July 2003 has been hot in the Press Room with 
Swaphandmedowns.com making national news and global news.

Gannett News Service (Which owns USATODAY as well)

Helping those in need. 

While some may dabble in online barter for novelty's sake, others depend on it for more. 

Since 2001, SwapHandMeDowns.com (www.swaphandmedowns.com) has helped its 128 registered members keep themselves and their children well clothed. Every thing is done online. Countries can swap free gently worn fashions within their own country or with other countries. Such as Asia within Asia, United Kingdom within United Kingdom, United States within United States, Canada within Canada and so on.

The whole story was published to 93 newspapers, which allowed global families as far as Portugal to learn about the program and join the Swaphandmedowns.com membership. Click Here: For Published Story by Gannett News Service

A TV Interview Request soon followed in the e-mail box of Swaphandmedowns owner, website sponsor and site designer Jane Sadowy. 

After speaking with a NBC Producer Jane Sadowy gave a two-hour taped interview in New Jersey. Next the same day, NBC filmed a family using the program in California for 8 hours. Linda a mother of three stated I have found many new friends here at Swaphandmedowns. I have been able to help others that needed help and I have also been assisted when I needed it. Its a great program and the people are wonderful. The family was filmed wearing the Gently Worn" fashions - All in Tip-Top shape received from other Swaphandmedowns Members in the past year and a half.

Jane Sadowy wore second hand clothing for her film shot as well.

Not only did Jane Sadowy describe how the program has helped hundreds of family to save money by exchanging free used fashion among members but she also stated how much the members rely on each other for moral support. 

Jane Sadowy also stated How proud she was of her members (Mother's) using the program by sharing their clothing and by sharing stories of their countries cultures. The site kindles global friendship and allows children to learn to share their fashions at an early age with other children. The parent receiving the box of free gently used fashion pays the shipping fees to accept them from the giver. How nicer can it get to know your free Gently Worn Fashions are being shipped to the front door of others needing it. Jane also said, I work weekdays, weekends and holidays to provide customer service to my members which allows dreams to come true for children needing decent clothing to go to school. Swaphandmedowns makes every day a holiday time of giving!

As another member of Swaphandmedowns.com Amy stated How Awesome is this! Jane, I have never had so much fun helping others!

Stated by Swaphandmedowns member Samatha

SwapHandMeDowns is a God Send for low income families
like myself who can't afford brand new clothing.
What a wonderful site. 

Stated by Swaphandmedowns member Cindy

I have not had the pleasure of being able to use Swaphandmedowns services as of yet, but look forward to using it for this coming up school year when I have to worry about clothing 3 preteens! I have so many clothes for children up to adult and look forward to swapping these things for other pieces of clothing for my children. I joined because of the good cause that it stood for. Being a single mother for 7 years, I know what it was like to have to buy clothes every season for my growing children. It took everything I had just to make ends meet much less buying clothes for my kids. 

I also joined this organization because there is nothing I love to do more than help others with needs in their lives. I would much rather swap my clothing with someone that I know truly needs it than to just donate it to a clothing shop where it may or may not make it to a family that truly needs the clothing. Thanks for having such a wonderful organization!

Stated by a visitor and new friend located in Belgrade, Yugoslavia 'Nebojsa'

"You must be really fortunate to meet once in your life someone like Ms. Jane Sadowy. Sometimes it is necessary to reach the outmost despair and personal apocalypse before this happens. Not only that Ms. Sadowy provided generous help to my wife with her excellent advice and a vast business knowledge to run our newly created non-government organization in Serbia called Art-A-DAY aimed at helping people suffering from mood disorders, but she was also always there to help me with my "do or die" struggle with depression. And that without asking who am I, without
questioning my reasoning, simply being out there for you to help, care and provide support. In this time of "sinking human souls" women of rare vision, knowledge and faith such as Ms. Sadowy are corner stones of hope that everything is not lost and that the world could be the better place to be. I consider myself richly blessed for an opportunity to become Ms. Sadowy's friend. Thank you for everything Jane and keep up the great work."

Mr. Nebojsa Djurovic
General Manager
Artist and author of Art Therapy Healing Book: "The Color of Grace"

The Swaphandmedowns.com filming production is in the process for being edited and will broadcast nation wide on NBC, CBS and ABC News.
Jane Sadowy also owns sites designed and driven to help global women promote their small business online. The site also offers an Aim web design service, Internet marketing sales tips and help with branding a business.

Media Request Swaphandmedowns.COM is available to the media.

PR Web Press

2news Fresh Ideas

WCMH-TV /Channel 4000

Cyber-Bartering Comes To Internet - WPXI.COM/Pittsburg.com

Denver 7 ABC News Sites Offer Ways To Swap Items

Barter for the better Swap sites help creative consumers save on everything from video games to kids' shoes - Lansing State Journal

WFTV_Channel 9 Florida

Gannett News Service By A.S. BERMAN July 8 2003
Gannett News Service

Gannett News Service 

Helping those in need 

While some may dabble in online barter for novelty's sake, others depend on it for more. 

Since 2001, SwapHandMeDowns.com (www.swaphandmedowns.com) has helped its 128 registered members keep themselves and their children well clothed. 

An annual fee entitles users to log on to the site's message board, post their clothing requests and answer the requests of others, says site creator Jane Sadowy. For the price of shipping, a family can receive a boxful of clothes from another family. 

For Sadowy, who owns and operates a commercial cleaning service, inspiration crept up on her one day with a pair of baby shoes. 

"One of my customers had thrown out some brand new baby shoes and another customer had brand new twins," Sadowy says. "And I thought Aw, what a waste.' " Trends - Barter Better

The Trentonion 4/28/02 BUSINESS
SECOND TIME AROUND Website lets families swap kids clothes online

The website, the first of its kind, is an on-line child apparel program, where parents from the United States and even across the globe swap their children's clothes for new ones.

The Trentonian
Wednesday, February 20,2002 

Website lets families swap kids clothes online 

By Linda Lisanti
(Staff Writer)
Jane Sadowy knows what it's like to shop a second-hand stores, to fill up your cart and walk away still spending 60.00 dollars for worn jeans and a few sweaters. That's why this Mercerville mother of two grown kids has developed a better way to get used kid's clothes for less with www.swaphandmedowns.com.

The website, the first of its kind, is an on-line child apparel program, where parents from the United States and even across the globe swap their children's clothes for new ones. We help them to connect!

Children outgrow clothes fast. Some parents just throw the old ones away, while others donate their clothes to the second-hand stores, where people have to pay more, said Sadowy.
I thought there's got to be a better and cheaper way to recycle these items and give them to those who need them most. So I created this site.

Sadowy said from the first day swaphandmedowns.com went up in August, the site caught on and parents just keep coming. Right now, she has over 60 families enrolled in the program and new ones sign up each week. The way the program works is quite easy. Everything is done over the Internet on the swaphandmedowns.com website.

First-time users fill out an on-line application to enroll and are charged a resonable fee, which Sadowy uses for her expenses.

Parents enter the clothing size their child needs and the current one they wish to trade in, though a swap isn't required. Then Sadowy matches that family on-line with another who has that size or needs it.

If you have a size three and need a four, I match you with a family that has the four and possibly a family that also needs the three. And so on, she said. They can swap in and get as many as they want. Families are swapping clothes for the same of next size up and the program goes all the way up to teens. Once Sadowy connects the two families by e-mail, the rest is up to them. They correspond online to determine what type of items they like and how many total pounds to ship through the mail.

The final cost to the families is the shipping, which they pay at the time of delivery. It's all their choice what they swap. Some get 100 pounds of clothes, while others have 20, she said, adding that they inform her about the completed deal and all so far have been satisfied.
To guarantee the quality, users sign an agreement that they will only swap gently-used clothes.

A lot of times many get clothes that weren't ever used. You know how children these days are with fashion, Sadowy pointed out. And with the clothes, she said an even greater asset of the site is that it kindles friendships. The families aren't swapping just clothes, they share stories of their kids and parenting tips. Sadowy said parents who don't want to swap, but have children clothing they don't need can also drop items directly at her site. Rather than bring them to the second-hand stores where people will have to pay, she said she'll make sure the clothing goes to kids who are in need of it.

Oh, I wish they had something like this when my children were growing up. It is a good way to reach out and help one another, Sadowy said. It's just all about families helping families.
Tretonial Photo/John Dullighan 



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