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    Parents' Guide to Barter Success

    Site Map

    Welcome to Swaphandmedowns where everyday is Earth Day. Swap & Barter & Donate & Recycle at our forum. Parent Career Help, College Guides, Parent Articles and more.

    Post and share, donate or request used child clothing at our family friendly message board below to get started today

    Parent Resources,
    The concept after all is that all the gently used child clothing is FREE and the family requesting to box of clothing pay for S & H fees to the donator. We all know the prices of child clothing is sky high at secondhand stores and at the malls.

    How to pack up a box of donated child clothing

    Before you pack anything up make sure the person receiving the box has agreed to pre-pay the S&H fees to you. (It is up to you & them if you want to pay extra for insuring the box)

    P.O Box numbers will not work at all. Do not use a P.O box number. Ask your neighbor or family member if you can have the box shipped to their home address.

    I firmly advise: Do not use a notice that a signature must be signed at time of delivery because most people are at work and can not sign for the delivery. The box will be returned to the sender and cost the sender or both of you fruitless fees.

    Please Work it out between each of you! It can be quicker than you think to help a child with nice clothes

    • Use a Corrugated Box (the UPS offers a set affordable price for one size box so pack it tight)
    • Whenever possible, use a new box.
    • Close and tape the Box Securely with clear shipping tape
    • Label your box correctly
    • You must make every effort must be made to obtain a street address.
    • Always include the recipient's postal code with the complete street address.
    • Always include your complete return address, including full street address and postal code.
    • Remove or cross out old labels or markings on a used box. This will avoid confusion on the direction for your shipment.
    • You might want to include form of identification inside your package
    Swaphandmedowns is a global site and some of our members might be from out of the States **For international shipments out of the USA, include a contact name, telephone number, and postal code. Most of you already know all this.

    Check shipping fees or track your package at UPS (United States Parcel Service)

    Federal Express Click Here

    United States Postal Service

    We have hundreds of members please post donations at the forum. They will read your post and contact you directly at the forum. You may email Jane directly and she can post the donation for you or she can send out a group private email.

    Take the time to use this site. We have been online for years and we are considered the pioneer of swapping and bartering online.

    Parents' Guide to Barter Success


    We make it easy to find the gently used child clothing for your family at our forum. First register at our forum and post what you need or have to donate to other families. Before you post your request or donations on our forum site, we recommend:


    • Requesting Clothing by stating what size you need - boys or girls

    • Donate Your Child Clothing by stating what size you have to donate

    • Ensure You Receive The Gently Free Used Child Clothing.  Please Per Pay Your S&H Fees directly to the family that is donating them to you.

    • Ship clothing to another family the way you would want to receive it!

    • **Swaphandmedowns is not responsible for any swap or barter of clothing since we are providing this service to you for your convenience only.  Hoping to learn you save money by sharing child clothing to pay your house hold bills on time.  Such as your home mortgage or rent.


    We aim to match each family to the perfect family to share free used child clothing with. Any problem or concerns please contact Jane.. To get started, simply register at our swap & barter forum and enter your location and the criteria for your clothing, and don't forget to contact each other about shipping and handling fees.  The concept after all is that all the gently used child clothing is FREE and the family requesting to box of clothing pay for S & H.  Work it out between each of you!

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