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Contact us anytime if you like to share your great beauty tips at our site. Below are some beauty tips sent in by our members and visitors of Swap Handmedowns.com.

Our Beauty Tips for Women and Women Health Updates for Mothers and Working Women - Enhancing Yourself and Enjoying It

The body’s largest and most visible organ is Skin. Starting early by taking care of your skin can help reduce fine winkles years later. Your bath time may be your best friend for treating your skin. Simply by applying a fine layer of old fashion Vaseline or Moisturizer to your skin after a quick towel dry will help keep important moisture locked in. Studies have proven that women who use this technique have fewer fine wrinkles.

People are sometimes misled about sun exposure. Such as 'I tan easy so I won't get skin cancer'. The fact is everyone can get skin cancer. After all skin is an organ. Try to avoid the sun rays from 11:00am to 4:00pm to protect your skin from overexposure. Sun Tan's and Sun Burn's might look nice for style - but sometime down the road it could mean trips to the doctor's office or worst.

Did you know Strawberries have gentle cleansing and bleaching properties and help remove coffee and tea stains from your teeth - Just crush a few strawberries and rub the pulp directly on teeth. Makes a great tasting toothpaste. Good tip for kids too.

Beauty Tips Sent in by our Vistior's of Swaphandmedowns.com

Hair Conditoner
I use for dry scalp and conditioner for my hair almond oil, olive oil and tea tree oil and leave it in over night with a plastic sack pr cap over my head. It works wonders! The first day my hair looks wet and oily all day but after the oil comes out (usually day 2 and 2 showers) It looks so shiny, and alive! I don't measure the oil I just measure half and half the almond and olive to make enough to cover my hair well and about a teaspoon and a half of tea tree oil.
Dear Jane,
Here is a good and very very cheap beauty tip.
This is for blackheads,cring tem,it worked for me,when I was a teenager.
Back-in-old-days cure for blackheads is: boil milk(it doesn't matter is a whole milk or fat free milk ect)and let it cool a bit,then apply to your face with a sponge.It does sound a bit weird and the smell isn't the best,but I did it twice a week for few months and blackheads does dissapear,eaven after few times doing it you can see the difference,your skin also gets very soft.
Remember that Queens and Princeses use to bath in milk. Being beautiful doesn't have to cost you much.
Our Grandmothers were clever and they tried everything. Now we can use all their knowledge in our lives.
Much Regards from Finland
Marjo-Riitta ;)

Women and Men-O-Pause

Menopause is an important transition in a woman's life. As your business grows older with each passing year so does your hormonal time clock. Until recently menopause wasn't even looked at in the workplace as a health condition that could affect a woman's work performance. However, we medical providers whose passion is women's health care know better.

Menopause is defined as the cessation of menstruation for at least a year duration. Biologically this happens because the eggs in the ovaries demising with each passing year. When the ovaries are no longer functioning a woman's hormones stop as well. Menopause usually happens between 45-50 years of age, however today we are seeing women going through menopause as early as 35 years of age. Prior to the onset of the menopause women go through a phase termed the 'Perimenopause'. This phase can last up to 3-7 years and can be a time of great stress for many women. During the Perimenopause ovulation fluctuates and this can cause variations in a women's menstrual period, as well as her moods. Premenstrual syndrome can increase during this time as well, due to a syndrome known as "Estrogen Dominance."

Menopause and Perimenopause can cause a lot of physical symptoms for women. A woman may experience hot flashes that range from severe to mild, mood changes, a feeling of ill-being, anxiety and many other symptoms. The decline of hormones for some women can have devastating effects that can lead to a decreased quality of life. Their work live and home live can begin to suffer and they can feel like they are going crazy. How can a phase like this not affect your business. One day you may feel fine and the next you feel lousy. One minute you are happy and the next you are crying. One minute you are cold and the next you are sweating like a pig. One day you are loving your husband and the next day you want to divorce him. Sometimes you feel like your life is like a Yo-Yo. Don't despair there is hope.

There are a lot of natural over-the-counter remedies, such as black cohosh and pure isoflavones (soy) that can help manage mood changes and very mild hot flashes. For the more severe symptoms one might want to consider prescriptive remedies to help them through these times. The big shift in hormone replacement is towards the natural formulations that one can only get at a compounding pharmacy. This type of replacement is known as Natural Hormone Replacement and is "Bio-identical" to the hormonal structure of a woman's own body. The other great benefit of Natural Hormone Replacement is that it can be made specifically for each Individual woman as her body calls for. What one woman may need may not be what another woman needs and this is a new concept for most doctors.

The main thing to remember is that you are not alone and you don't have to suffer alone or needlessly. Michele Broad is a Certified OB/GYN/ADULT Nurse Practitioner and owns and operates Women's Health and Wellness a medical office for women and their families in Murrieta California. She is also the creator of www.healthandwellness4women.com which is a website that is being created for the health education of women.

Michele Broad RNP
Women's Health & Wellness

Warmth After Surgery Can Save Lives

This is public news so please read and pass along
If you are of age 60 or older or have family members nearing that age or expect to know more about protecting yourself when entering the surgery room - Read On and Share this newsletter by www.Swaphandmedowns.com. One degree of your body temperature could mean life or ..:

Burr it is cold in my surgery room. But can cold surgery room cause deaths. It possibly can! Remember when you shiver when you got that a chill. Shivering helps regulate the blood temperature.

So before surgery remember to call your surgery center and ask your doctors if they provide the "Warmth for Surgery". Which Can Save Lives in surgery rooms and ask if they provide warm airflow special covering that allows for the circulation of warm air and pre heated blankets.

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